Scale, an innovative collaboration

The story behind Scale

Once upon a time, a day back in October 2019, Gianpaolo Vairo met Damian Sheridan at one of the many holiday rental conferences available in the market. Their connection was almost immediate, in fact, they agreed that the very event that both were attending, was a total disaster: lots of vendors, and a lack of property managers.

Back then, they were both working on their own conferences, Damian on the Book Direct Show, and Gianpaolo on Host B2B, but they were very eager to collaborate on a project that would radically improve the panorama of events dedicated to the vacation rental industry.

In 2021 after the Covid, after a long forced stop, they decided that was the right moment to launch a new concept of conference, the ideal meeting point whether for property managers and tech providers, a collaborative meetup breaking with traditional event formats.


Scale (once Scale Rentals), is the exclusive meetup for property managers willing to meet and learn from the experience of like-minded holiday rental professionals from all over the world, how to scale their business in a sustainable way. All participants are professional managers with portfolios ranging from twenty to several thousand properties.

The secret ingredients of the success of Scale’s format were its exclusivity, a conference strictly dedicated to 20+ properties vetted PMCs, and the total absence of non-authorized vendors, the only way to guarantee the right balance between STR professionals and service providers. Another of the most important ingredients of Scale’s concept is the content, strictly curated content from the leading experts, trainers, and property managers, responding to the topics selected by attendees upon registration.

And last, but not less important, the key differentiator of Scale’s format is networking. Scale guarantee high-quality networking since all participants are industry leaders, with aligned needs and ambitions, and a great environment to develop new partnerships.

What’s next?

From the very first day the Scale Family never stopped to grow. In 2022 we had 3 conferences, Scale Show, Scale France, and Scale Italy. In 2023 we added Scale UK, and in 2024 we plan to add 3 more, Scale Spain, Scale South Africa and Scale UAE.

Our mission is to become the leading global STR conferences production company, so the sky is the limit. If you want to join our Family by hosting a new local Scale Show reach out to us, we’re very happy to meet you to check if a new conference is a good fit in your local market.


Scale Family Members

Damian Sheridan

Co-Founder Scale
Founder Book Direct Show

Gianpaolo Vairo

Co-Founder Scale
Founder Scale Consulting

Marie Pistinier

Co-Director Scale France
President SPLM
Vice President EHHA
Founder Lokim

Gail Boisclair

Co-Director Scale France
Manager Perfectly Paris

Francesco Mongiello

Director Scale Italia
Founder Formazione Turismo

Adriano Carà

Digital Hero at Scale Italia
Digital Marketing Expert and Trainer at Formazione Turismo

Louise Brace

Marketing Director Scale
Co-Host Scale Spain
Owner Rental Tonic

Tiziana Babbucci

Marketing Scale Italia

Steve Taggert

Co-Host Scale UK
Founder & Director MyGateways

Daniela Derin

Co-Host Scale Spain
Co-Founder Skol Apartments Marbella

Cristiana Carpini

Co-Host Scale Italia
Senior board member Tara Consulting

Arianna Tomelleri

Co-Host Scale Italia
Board member Tara Consulting