How to convert the information into knowledge: Business intelligence and Profitability in the STR Industry

Ezio Albanese will be speaking at Scale Rentals

Ezio Albanese

Profit Manager

Ezio is a hospitality industry expert, with expertise in profit management and business intelligence architecture, customizing specific solutions to driving up revenue, optimizing the financial sustainability of the short terms rentals companies and hotels.

Ezio is an engineer by training. With a Doctorate in Managing Engineering from La Sapienza University, characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit and an immense passion for the hospitality sector; he initially capitalized on his engineering know-how and his analytical skills, working as a revenue manager for the hotel industry. In last years he has lent his knowledge to Vacation Rental, focusing on the development of technology.

Thursday, 26th May
10.00 – 10.30

  • Why adopt BI
  • BI and Profit
  • Profit vs Profitability
  • Case study

In order to meet the objectives of constant business growth and control, the PM needs a solution capable of managing all the processes related to property management, with a view to growing the administrative-financial and service organizational structure.

BI must support management in decision-making and strategic terms. Furthermore, with the aim of maximizing investments and with a view to making a single management system available, the PM tries to integrate information on a single platform.

The development of a business intelligence solution for the management and analysis of the various and complex aspects of Property Management aims to digitize and innovate processes, their automation and scalability and, in advance, a substantial increase in competitiveness.

So to be able to talk about “Scaling” the PM cannot only focus on the acquisition processes and proportionally “strengthen” the team in the field (if it happens !!) with the increase in the number of properties in the portfolio.