How to raise money to finance your growth (or how to sell to investors)

Thibault Masson

Thibault Masson & Thomas Dattez

Scalers Network

Thibault Masson is both a vacation rental property manager and a vacation rental technology marketer. One on hand, he understands what it is like to own and manage properties, refurbish them, recruit and train a team, increase the number of bookings, and welcome guests. He has also had first-hand experience with replying early morning and late at night to his guests, his cleaning team, his concierge, this car rental business partner, his channel manager account manager, his accountants, etc. He has launched and managed villas and apartments in Paris, Bali, and St. Barths. On the other hand, Thibault has experience with working for international online travel agencies, such as ebookers and He has led several innovative projects to create new tools and news services for short-term rental operators, vacation rental managers, and individuals hosts – most recently, a private network for short-term rental managers called Scalers Network that focuses on taking action to achieve transformation.

Thursday, 26th May
11.45 – 12.15

Investors are never the most obvious ones: Hotel groups may be looking at the industry, but other short-term rental companies, real estate investors, and some funds are actively pursuing the sector.

Which documents should you have ready? How to prepare them? When and how to buy a competitor? How to plan your exit and be ready to sell?