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Why PR is fundamental in scaling your short-term rental business

Future-Trends-and-Innovation-panel_Jessica Gillingham


The value of scaling your short-term rental business is undeniable. Increasing your business’s efficiency and professionalising your operation is what really allows a company to achieve growth and sustainability

As you develop your business, increase your rental portfolio or expand into new markets, the need to increase brand awareness, communicate your mission and cultivate a positive brand perception becomes an integral part of the scaling process.

At this point a public relations strategy can seriously improve your scaling strategy

PR or public relations isn’t just about sharing your news or wins via a press release; Public Relations can play an integral part in your scaling up strategy: launch you into new markets; develop strategic connections, and support you in crisis management when issues such as regulatory changes take effect in your region.

Jessica Gillingham will be speaking at Scale Rentals




In fact, PR for scale-up strategies isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.

And it’s why we are delighted to have Jessica Gillingham, founder of Abode Worldwide as a speaker at the Scale Rentals Show 2023 on the 17-18th May at World Trade Centre, Barcelona.

Abode Worldwide is a specialist public relations company working with hospitality tech companies and enterprise property managers.



Meet Jessica Gillingham – Abode Worldwide

Jessica jumped on a video call with me this week to share insight into the topics and themes will be covered during her Scale Rentals talk. What takeaways we can expect and Jessica’s thoughts on upcoming trends in the short-term rentals sector for 2023.

Video interview: Jessica Gillingham talks to Louise Brace about all things PR for short-term rentals property managers.

This is going to be a highly engaging and educational session, where as property manager you’ll come a way having tangible and actionable tools on how to develop a communication and PR strategy.

Jessica has also promised to demystify the myths surrounding PR and how a public relations strategy can help create a halo effect around your brand, so that it seeps into the consciousness of your partners and clients.

By the end of the session, you will learn about the tools you need to build your reputation and create trust.

Trust is a highly relevant topic in today’s short-term rentals sector. As a property manager, you must learn how to instil a high level of trust in your guest communication and marketing strategy.

During the session, Jessica will present the tools you need to build your reputation and create that oh so important trust element.

Our conversation took us to the subject of how PR can help short-term rental businesses to confront negative issues when they arise, such as the current regulatory discussions throughout Europe and the US, and how it can help you take part in the conversation and help create a better future.

Jessica Gillingham is a keynote speaker at conferences around the globe and we are delighted that she’ll be joining us at the Scale Rentals Show in May.

To ensure you don’t miss Jessica and a host of incredible speakers covering topics, including property acquisition, profitability, owner relationships, environmental impact, and exit strategies, register today for your 99 € early bird ticket.

The Scale Rentals Show speaker lineup includes:

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